A Quick Breakdown Of Identifying Critical Elements Of Face Cream

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She met State Duma (lower house) Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and his deputy Pyotr Tolstoy. German officials have warned that Russia could try to influence voting in September's general election. The AfD campaigns against what it calls the "Islamisation" of Germany. Firebrand nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky - a fierce critic of Nato and Western liberals - was among the MPs who met Ms Petry. His Liberal Democratic Party is politically close to United Russia, the pro-Putin party that dominates Russian politics. What does Alternative for Germany (AfD) want? The AfD opposes Chancellor Angela Merkel's liberal immigration policy and her tough stance on Russia, instead calling for a new rapprochement with Moscow. That echoes the French National Front (FN) position towards Mr Putin. FN leader Marine Le Pen has also forged links with pro-Putin Russian MPs. Media captionIs Germany's AfD racist? Recent opinion polls suggest that the AfD could get about 11% in the September Bundestag (parliament) election.

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