Police And Gritters On The M74 In South Lanarkshire As Snow Caused Traffic Problems Credit: Swns Mark Sitton-kent, National Duty Manager At The Environment Agency, Said: Gale Force Winds And High Tides Are Likely To Create Large And Dangerous Waves Along Parts Of The East Coast On Friday And Saturday.

More than one million Australians visit Indonesia each year, with most heading to Bali, a popular holiday island. About 700 passengers were affected by the cancellations on Wednesday, while a similar number will be grounded on Thursday, the airline said. "We are working constructively with the Indonesian government to commence flying to Bali again as soon as possible and to work through the new requirements they have given us this week," Tigerair Australia chief Rob Sharp said in a statement to the BBC. "If the Indonesian government does not wish to honour the current agreement, we are asking them to give us a grace period so that we can continue to fly while we work through the new requirements together." Indonesia said Tigerair had permission to operate "charter flights", not "regularly scheduled conventional flights". "However, we found out that Tigerair had sold regularly scheduled conventional flight tickets from and to Bali," Bambang Ervan, a transport ministry spokesman, told the BBC. "They have broken AOC129 requirements. Yes we have given them a notification this week that they have broken the requirements. But this doesn't mean that these are new requirements, otherwise all other airlines would have been impacted." Tigerair said its current cancellations were made "to provide certainty and notice to our customers", but added its five remaining flights on Friday were under review. The budget carrier said Virgin Australia would operate two replacement flights from Bali on Thursday. Passenger frustration Australian traveller Sophie Kealley said she was stranded in Bali after her return flight to Perth was cancelled. "We went to obviously check into our flight and they hadn't even sent us an SMS," she told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

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Met Office forecasts cold blast for UK As skies clear on Thursday night it is likely to become icy in many areas." Snow surrounding the Tan Hill Inn in North Yorkshire Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Snow at The Dark Hedges in Co Antrim Credit: Niall Carson/PA Drinkers take refuge inside a pub in North Yorkshire amid blizzard conditions Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Daytime temperatures are likely to be around 2 to 5C, but the strong to gale force winds will make it feel much colder. Temperatures could dip below -10C over snow cover in rural areas. Rain will move eastwards across the south and may turn to snow later, which will then turn to ice. The heaviest and most frequent snow showers are likely across northern and western Scotland, Northern Ireland and around Irish Sea coasts, but eastern coasts will also be affected at times on Friday and Saturday. Highland cattle in the snow near Brough Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA A woman clears a snowy path in Carrbridge, Scotland Credit: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Charlie Boldison building a snowman in Stirling, as blizzard conditions are set to sweep in Credit: Jane Barlow/PA There will be gales that could lead to temporary blizzard conditions as well as a risk of hail and thunder in some locations. Mr Gundersen added: Forecasting snowis always challenging and theres often a fine line between whether it will rain or snow in a particular location depending on slight changes in air temperature. Keep an eye on theforecastandwarningsfor your area for the latest information. Watch | Met Office forecasts cold blast for UK 02:58 On the east coast of England, the Environment Agency warned gale force winds combined with high tides could result in large waves carrying dangerous debris through Friday and into Saturday. The conditions are also expected to cause traffic disruption and could affect properties on the coast. Police and gritters on the M74 in South Lanarkshire as snow caused traffic problems Credit: SWNS Mark Sitton-Kent, national duty manager at the Environment Agency, said: "Gale force winds and high tides are likely to create large and dangerous waves along parts of the east coast on Friday and Saturday. These conditions could also cause flooding to coastal roads and could impact properties.

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