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Parliament It was therefore a sharp shock to all concerned - not least of all Conservatives themselves - when Mrs May got behind the lectern outside No 10 in April to announce she would seek a snap election. The move to bring forward the next scheduled election date of 2020 had to be approved by two-thirds of MPs, the first time ever the opposition has had to consent to an election. The upshot was that it was easier than anticipated for a bullish government to call an election under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, effectively challenging the opposition to say it wasn't battle-ready. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionElection 2017: Newly-elected MPs prepare for the most popular shopping sites Commons This prime minister called an election, and you'll never guess what happened next... Safe to say, the election returned a result which had been predicted by very few. The Conservatives remained the biggest party, but lost their majority and 13 seats, while Labour picked up 30 seats. It was a story of the resurgence of two-party politics, with UKIP's vote share falling and the SNP's dominance in Scotland pared back. As the scale of the Conservatives' shortfall became clear in the early hours of 9 June, rumours swirled that Theresa May might resign. But she emerged from Downing Street and announced her intention to carry on, entering a confidence-and-supply arrangement with the DUP. This meant the absence of a government majority was overlaid on the cross-cutting issue of Brexit, complicating the parliamentary maths even further.

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Could Michigan see Nordstrom stores with no clothes?

But, the company suggested that other stores could be in the works. "We'll follow the pace of our customers," the company said in response to an e-mail from the Free Press asking whether any stores like this were slated for Michigan. "We'll move as fast or slow as they want us to." Nordstrom — which was founded in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle — now has 356 stores, including its low-price Rack brand, in 40 states. Of those, the company has department stores in Clinton Township, Novi and Troy; and Rack stores in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Orion Township, Novi and Troy. The Wall Street Journal reported on the new concept this weekend, in advance of the company's announcement.   In many ways, the new Nordstrom concept follows a trend in the retail industry to focus on offering more online options and to turn shopping into a luxury service experience, especially for those who feel it is a chore. Earlier this year, sportswear brand Under Armour opened a shop in downtown Detroit that showcases merchandise that customers can see, touch, try on and buy to take with them — or purchase online in the store right now or later at home. Bonobos, a men's fashion brand, also opened a store in downtown Detroit this year that, like Nordstrom Local, is set up specifically for online sales and high-end service. At Bonobos, a shopper tries on clothing and orders it online. Bonobos, which was founded a decade ago in New York as an online startup, was acquired by Walmart this summer for $310 million in a move by the Arkansas-based retail juggernaut to better compete with

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